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Create web configurator for variant-rich products.

Product variations are becoming increasingly diverse, and competition is becoming stronger. With an integrated web configurator on your website, you can sustainably improve the service quality of your company and accelerate the sales process. Customers and prospects are enabled to access product information, select, configure and order their individual product. With the online product configurator, elaborate product catalogs are a thing of the past. Regardless of the industry, B2B customers expect the same level of service and user experience they are accustomed to from their private consumption behavior on the internet. With a web configurator, you can innovatively meet these expectations in the future.

Regardless of which platform you want to showcase your products, the web configurator can be customized to match your corporate design. Would you like to learn more about it? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or call us at +49 (6205) 30 58 3 -0. We look forward to hearing from you!

Appealing product presentation in the online configurator.

Based on our product configurator software, complex products can be displayed in an appealing way in the frontend of an online configurator. In addition, the online product configurator can generate an automated quote with just one click of a button, reducing errors in the quote creation process to a minimum. Users also benefit from the user-friendly interface of the online configurator, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Online configurator software from Logik.

Your products can only be configured using the configuration software in a way that can also be produced in manufacturing. Configurations are only allowed if their technical implementation is possible. The product-based rule system of the product configurator in the background of the web configurator ensures this.

With the use of our online product configurator, we have observed a significant reduction in the number of customer inquiries regarding unclear product information. This frees up more time for your company in manufacturing, trade, or craftsmanship for new projects, and it also leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Present and configure products 24/7 in the web configurator.

The Logik Web Configurator is a user-friendly online configurator. The application runs on a web server and is connected to your company's databases. The relationship knowledge and user guidance of the web configurator support the interactive process in which the customer can independently assemble components and modules to create their desired product around the clock. Due to its simple handling, every customer can easily navigate the web configurator without any training.

After completing the configuration, the customer receives an automated offer via email, including a detailed description, as well as drawings and images of the configured product, if applicable.

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Here you can see some impressions of possible web configurators from our customers.

AKG Configurator
Hänchen Configurator
Herbert Hänchen GmbH
Hekatron Configurator
Labom Configurator
Tout Terrain Configurator

Perfect product presentation in the web configurator.

By using a web configurator, your website and thus your company become more attractive. The digital product knowledge and the ability to integrate with other systems like ERP make it possible to request quotes and order individual product variations directly.

Reduce your consultation effort significantly and increase customer satisfaction as well as revenue with the Logik GmbH Web Configurator.